Terms of Play: Essays on Words That Matter in Videogame Theory

terms_coverZach’s new edited collection came out.  There are some good pieces in there.  My favorite, actually, is QQMore from Jon Bakos (it dovetails nicely with my current research on online forums).

I have a piece in there on game mechanics which was really fun to write, but also very challenging.  I started a conversation about it on a listserv on gaming, and it evolved in ways I hadn’t anticipated–it took me what felt like an immensely long time to sort through it in drafting the article.    What does that mean?  I actually kept track how long it took me  (I was sharing this with a colleague who was doing an informal survey on how much time we spent writing a piece).  To the best of my calculations, here’s how long it took (version #: hours:minutes [total pages in document]):

  • Version 1: 11:12 [10 pages]
  • Version 2: 01:39 [11 pages]
  • Version 3: 00:14 [10 pages]
  • Version 4: 07:14 [15 pages]
  • Version 5: 06:04 [18 pages]
  • Version 6: 01:02 [17 pages]
  • Version 7: 12:15 [37 pages]
  • Version 8: 02:33 [35 pages]
  • Version 9: 01:03 [35 pages]

So, 43.27 hours worth of writing (not including reading/research of which I could not really keep track of).  I wonder if that is long?  Or maybe short.  Maybe I should be cranking out an article a week if all it takes me is 40 hours.  Edward Tufte comes to mind: “at the heart of quantitative reasoning is a single question: compared to what?” (Envisioning Information, p. 67).

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